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Tips for Flying Drones

You may be interested in buying a drone to get better pictures of your listings. Take these few tips into the air with you.

1. Invest in a professional drone for two reasons. First, a high-quality drone takes professional pictures. A cheap drone takes cheap pictures. Secondly, cheap drones are not durable. The drones from Santa Claus are likely broken or lost in trees. I’ve had to climb trees and fence to retrieve cheap drones.

2. Register your drone with the Federal Aviation Administration. It’s a federal regulation. Go to the FAA’s drone registration website. Registration costs $5.

3. Know where you can fly. There is a lot of restricted airspace, such as areas near large and small airports and military bases. There are additional areas to be cautious in, near hospitals’ helicopter landing pads and over schools.

4. Download appropriate apps. The FAA has B4UFly, which allows you to tell the FAA where you’re flying, how high, and how long you’ll be airborne. Other apps, like AirMap, provide details on restricted airspace, like those areas near local airports, helicopter landing pads, schools, and military bases.

5. Fly in good weather. Drones love to fly free and far, especially windy days.

6. Ask permission before flying over a neighbor’s property. People are skeptical of drones and question why the flyer is above their backyard. A please and a business card should calm concerns.

7. Become an FAA certified remote pilot. You need the Part 107 remote pilot certificate (also known as a “drone license”) to operate your drone commercially. Visit the FAA’s website for more details.

8. Practice. If the names Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and xBox One remind you of your children or even your grandchildren, then you need practice. Most drone remote controls have more buttons to push and toggles to move than you have fingers. While you’re pushing and pulling the levers, the drone is twisting and turning in mid-air, nearing trees and light poles, and battling the weather. At the same time, you’re looking for that perfect picture. Unlike video games, respawning costs a lot of money.

Overall though, seeing the world from a new perspective is worth the effort.

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