Matthew Weigelt and journalism

Matthew Weigelt is a freelance writer and journalist. He worked in Washington, DC, for nearly a decade, writing about the legal world for several trade publications. As a journalist, he covered Congress, the White House, and other federal agencies. He has been published in the Washington Post and was also featured in the Post too about the rising in interracial marriages. He had his news stories cited in congressional testimony and referenced in congressional hearings–another goal of his.

In 2004, he happened to bump into his wife in the U.S. Capitol and used technology to find her again.

As a young teenager, he began writing on a dusty word processor, while being stuck in summertime boredom. He realized he could go anywhere in the world by writing. He could go wherever he wanted in his imagination. In today’s technological world, making a career out of writing, he can literally go anywhere. These days, he prefers writing at a busy McDonald’s with free wi-fi.

He has reentered the world of fiction writing with the Sand Sifter, a book about the generational effects of anger, greed and jealousy, as well as the Barnes Adventures, the birthing of secret agents.

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